Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Treasure Locations Guide

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Treasures make their return in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Once again you’ll be looking for that tell-tale twinkling that marks each of the 68 treasures you can find. These items don’t do anything special, but they’re interesting to look at and finding them goes towards getting several trophies.

For finding five treasures in Lost Legacy, you get the Casual Treasure Hunter bronze trophy. Finding 35, which is around half of the total, rewards you with the Hardcore Treasure Hunter bronze trophy. Finally, if you’re able to get every one of the 68 treasures, you’ll receive the Collector of Antiquities silver trophy.

Below, we’ve marked the locations of every Uncharted: The Lost Legacy treasure location by chapter.


The prologue contains a single item.

Treasure 1 – Ganesh Figurine

You can’t miss this one. The little girl will steal this from you shortly after leaving her shop, and a cutscene will show Chloe taking it back.

Chapter 1

The first chapter holds one item for you to discover.

Treasure 2 – Sterling Silver Cigarette Case

After you locate the house with the red door, head up to the roof. This treasure can be found on some barrels.

Chapter 2

You’ll find five treasures in the second chapter.

Treasure 3 – Bullet Whistle

To the right of the first zip line, you’ll see a shed. Look for a ledge nearby to find this item.

Treasure 4 – Military Service Lighter

After the first zip line, you’ll have to pull out a crate on the roof. Inside the shed, you’ll find this item.

Treasure 5- Utility Spork

Shortly after you pull out the first crate, you’ll have to do the same with a second crate to push it down to Nadine. When you push the box backward, some small boxes will fall off of it. One of them contains this treasure.

Treasure 6 – Travelling Inkwell

You’ll balance walk over a wood beam and directly after you’ll be in a room with a purple light. On the left side of the room, you can find the inkwell.

Treasure 7 – Tactical Compass

During a cutscene, Nadine will crash through a window. Right after this check the crates in a room with a similar window to find the compass.

Chapter 3

There are four treasures for you to find in this section.

Treasure 8 – Gupta Empire Coins

When you reach the section with all the flamingoes, look for a sloping rock that can be used as a ramp. In the water around it, you’ll find the coins.

Treasure 9 – Silver Water Jar

You’ll encounter a door which you’ll have to pull down using the winch on the 4×4. To the left of it, you’ll see ledges. You can climb out on them, and through a hole in the wall, you’ll see the twinkling of the treasure. You can destroy the wall with explosives and grab the treasure.

Treasure 10 – Golden Fish Statuette

Just before the small bridge leading into the bat-filled tunnel, there’s an area with several waterfalls. Between two of the waterfalls, you’ll find some trees and around them. There, you’ll locate the statuette.

Treasure 11 – Mango Crystal Scent Flask

You’ll pull down another door with your winch. After taking down this second door, you’ll need to look to the left side of the door after climbing down to find this item.

Chapter 4

The fourth chapter lets you tackle objectives in an open-world environment. Since it’s so big, we’ve made a map to assist you in locating the general vicinity of each treasure. We’ve listed these in the order they’re found in the treasure collectibles screen, but depending on your route you may find them in a different order.


Treasure 12 – Inscribed Copper Plate

There’s an island with monkeys on it, and in some ruins, you’ll locate the plate and two other treasures.

Treasure 13 – Silver Goblet

Right next to treasure #12.

Treasure 14 – Hoysala Kukri

Same location as treasures #12 and #13.

Treasure 15 – Miniature Bronze Cannon

You’ll find this treasure in the lockbox in this area.

Treasure 16 – Jade Archer’s Ring

You’ll find the ring on the nearby tower.

Treasure 17 – Hoysala Coin

There’s a nearby rock that looks like an elephant. You can find the coin in the elephant’s eye.

Treasure 18 – Ivory Casket

You’ll find a cliff near a tree you can drive up with the 4×4. This item is nearby.

Treasure 19 – Stag Horn Box

Slide down the mud-covered embankment and hang off the ledge of the rock with the pillar. You’ll find the box behind the pillar.

Treasure 20 – Trinket Box

From the lockbox in this area, proceed South a small distance. Behind a waterfall is a tunnel you can drive into. This treasure is sitting on a stone in this passageway.

Treasure 21 – Ancient Stone Jar

Drive down the nearby waterfall and look for a rock with the twinkling of a treasure to find the jar.

Treasure 22 – Medieval Indian Lock and Key

On the south side of the ruins, you’ll find a climbable ledge. Head up it to get this item.

Treasure 23 – Rosewood Spice Box

While traveling on the road towards the tower keep an eye out for a small path to the side here. Head down the little path to get this item.

Treasure 24 – Leather-Covered Binoculars

You’ll find this treasure in the lockbox in this area.

Treasure 25 – Engraved Gourd Jar

In this area, you’ll see a bridge made out of entangled tree roots. Underneath the bridge is the jar.

Treasure 26 – Serpents and Ladders Game

Near a bridge in the area, you’ll find a set of stairs leading up to a cave. Inside you’ll locate the game.

Treasure 27 – Nagfani Horn

Look for a tree in this area with some small pillars around it. Nearby you’ll find the horn.

Treasure 28 – Jade Pendant

Climb the ruins, and you’ll find this treasure.

Treasure 29 – Butterfly Trinket

This treasure is in this area’s lockbox.

Treasure 30 – Metal Tiger Claws

Just before the Axe Fortress there’s cave. Enter it, and you’ll find the claws.

Chapter 5

Six treasures can be found in the fifth chapter of the game.

Treasure 31 – Padouk Tea Caddie

Nadine will say that she’s found some stairs. Head to the end of the nearby cliff to find this one.

Treasure 32 – Engraved Ewer

You’ll swing across some ropes and head left around the cliffs. While swinging, you’ll notice a ledge with a treasure. As you proceed further, you’ll be able to find an area you can climb to reach the ledge and drop down.

Treasure 33 – Bidri Hookah Bowl

After climbing down the statue of Ganesh using the rope, check the corners of the elephant statue for this bowl.

Treasure 34 – Gold-Cased Ivory Dentures

Proceeding from the area with the last treasure, you’ll head through a hole in the wall and then cross through a tunnel. Check the left side of the room after the tunnel for these dentures.

Treasure 35 – Palm Leaf Manuscript

In the room with two lanterns in the middle and a ton of skeletons, search the left side for the treasure.

Treasure 36 – Khanjarli Curved Dagger

After escaping from the armored car, you’ll drop down into a dimly-lit room. Check the corner to find the dagger.

Chapter 6

The sixth chapter of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy holds five treasures to find.

Treasure 37 – 10th Century Oil Bottle

After opening the cow-shaped ruins portraying Nandi, Shiva’s gatekeeper, head inside. Right after the entrance you’ll walk down a set of stairs and slide a bit. Head down the passage and turn right. You’ll find the bottle nearby.

Treasure 38 – Aged Silver Anklet

After the short tunnel with the bat scene, proceed right, then head up the stairs, turn left, and you’ll find the anklet.

Treasure 39 – Ceremonial Sugar Hammer

Head to the right corner of the elephant reunion area to find the hammer.

Treasure 40 – Raja Raja Gold Kahavanu

After the elephant reunion, there’s an extended amount of climbing you’ll have to do. Afterwards, you’ll head through a tunnel. The treasure is on the ground in the right-hand tunnel.

Treasure 41 – Agate Gemstone Box

After the tunnel, climb up and swing to the ledge with the treasure.

Chapter 7

This chapter contains the majority of the remainder of Check, with 16 to find.

Treasure 42 – Lakshimi Marriage Ornament

After the entrance fight, you’ll find yourself back outdoors. After a jumping sequence, you’ll need to head through a passage behind two waterfalls. Nearby is an alcove you can jump to from the second waterfall. You’ll find the ornament nearby.

Treasure 43 – Hanuman Brass Bell

At the top of the long climb, you’ll see a big flight of steps leading to Belur. Look to the right behind the statue of Shiva to find the bell.

Treasure 44 – Enameled Betel Box

You’ll drop down into a well room, and you’ll need to look for a half wall in the shallower water. If you’ve already swum down a tunnel, you’ve gone too far.

Treasure 45 – Jeweled Pipe Mouthpiece

When you surface following the tunnel head left and look for the twinkling of the mouthpiece in a crevice in the wall.

Treasure 46 – Handcarved Seesham Breadbox

In the room adjacent to the one you found the last treasure, look for the breadbox in the alcove to the left immediately after you enter.

Treasure 47 – Silver Comb Perfume Flask

Head to the far side of the room in which you found the previous treasure. On the ground near some shelves, you’ll find the flask.

Treasure 48 – Bronze Deccan Incense Burner

In the next room, you’ll see a pool of water. Jump in and swim under where you entered. On the left side of the chamber, you’ll find the burner under the water.

Treasure 49 – Satavahana Hourglass

In the room after the one, you found treasure #48 in; you’ll need to move a root to proceed through a tunnel. Once you’ve exited the tunnel, climb out to the right to find this item.

Treasure 50 – Chalukya Griffin Candlestick

Once you reach the top of the waterfall flowing surface the pool where you found treasure #48, you’ll locate the candlestick in the left corner near the statue.

Treasure 51 – Bronze Medallion Flask

When you get to the throne room, head left to spot the flash in some water behind a few rocks.

Treasure 52 – Bichwa Dagger

When you enter the throne room, if you head directly forward towards the base of the Shiva statue you’ll find the dagger.

Treasure 53 – Jadeite Bottle

You can get this bottle in the right corner of the room near the statue.

Treasure 54 – Harappan Ivory Dice

When you climb up to turn the first wheel in the throne room instead of heading left up the stairs climb up the wall in front of you. At the top, you’ll find a platform with the dice on it.

Treasure 55 – Ivory Chess Pieces

When you jump from Shiva’s right hand, you’ll be on a roof. Hang off the edge and enter the nearby room to collect the chess piece.

Treasure 56 – Gold Chola Earrings

Before turning the wheel that moves Shiva’s upper right arm, head past it and climbs up the wall. Go to the end of the platform, and on the right you’ll find the earrings.

Treasure 57 – Bridal Maang Tikka

After the water starts flowing over Shiva’s right shoulder, you’ll need to swing to his knee and return to Nadine. Before you head to the next wheel to turn, drop down and hang off the edge of the platform. Climb to the right and then climb up to the broke staircase. You’ll find this item on the pillar nearby.

Chapter 8

You can find eight treasures in this section of the game.

Treasure 58 – Jeweled Snuff Bottle

As soon as you start this chapter look to the ledge on the left to find the bottle.

Treasure 59 – Brass Ewer

Drop down a few times, and you’ll find a waterfall. Diving into it and you’ll find the Ewer.

Treasure 60 – Mamluk Brass Bowl

After you leave the cave behind the waterfall, you can use the slide to leap to the right ledge. Head up and proceed to the end of the ledge and you’ll find the bowl.

Treasure 61 – Crescent Flask

When you reach the area with the iron fence, look in the right corner to find the flask.

Treasure 62 – Soapstone Jewelry Box

After someone borrows your rope, you’ll slide down. Go left and climb up to the treasure instead of climbing up the rope to find the jewelry box.

Treasure 63 – Peacock Nut Cutter

After the railway bridge breaks, you’ll slide and swing until you’re safe. Climb up to Nadine and company, and you can head down to the ledge to find the treasure.

Treasure 64 – British Powder Flask

When someone breaks a ladder, they’ll drop a box for you to climb on. Instead of heading to the bridge, go to the right into the cave, and you’ll find the flask.

Treasure 65 – Strange Skull (Skeleseer Trophy)

Shortly after finding treasure #64 you’ll have a convo with Nadine and company. Afterwards, instead of using the rope to swing ahead, swing to the ledge below you to get the skull.

Chapter 9

The last chapter of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy contains the final three treasures.

Treasure 66 – United India Company Pistol

On top of the first train cart, you come to you’ll find the pistol.

Treasure 67 – Viceroy’s Penbox

Nadine will mention a certain cart that there’s no way to climb. On its backside is the penbox.

Treasure 68 – United India Company Coins

After you make it through the driving sequence, you’ll head back to the train. Check around the third cart to find the coins.

If you were following along with this guide as you played, you should now have every one of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy treasure collectibles. Along the way, you should have been awarded the Casual Treasure Hunter, Hardcore Treasure Hunter, and Collector of Antiquities trophies. If you missed a few though, you don’t have to go all the way back through the game. You can jump in whichever chapter you need to with the chapter select and head straight to the trophies you require to finish your set.