Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Lockboxes – Collectible Location Guide

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy includes many familiar collectible types we’ve seen before in the series. One of the new ones it brings is lockboxes. There are 21 of them to discover throughout the game’s nine chapters, and each of them is opened using the new lock pick mechanic.

Two of the bronze trophies in Lost Legacy are earned by collecting a certain amount of lockboxes. You get the Five Finger Discount trophy for opening five lockboxes. For opening every lockbox, you get the Pics, or It Didn’t Happen trophy.

Below you can find the location of all the Uncharted: The Lost Legacy lockboxes broken down by chapter.

Chapter 1

There are no lockboxes in Chapter One,

Chapter 2

Chapter Two also contains no lockboxes.

Chapter 3

This chapter contains one lockbox.

Lockbox #1

There will be a big shoot out in an area with a temple and a small pond. There is an enemy truck parked in the pond, and in the back of it, you’ll find the first lockbox.

Chapter 4

This section contains 11 lockboxes. Since this is the point where Uncharted: The Lost Legacy opens up considerably, we’ve provided a map that will give you a general approximation of the location of each lockbox.

Uncharted The Lost Legacy Lockboxes

Lockbox #2

You’ll get into a firefight in this area. After its over, you’ll find the box behind the machine gun emplacement near the crumbling wall.

Lockbox #3

You won’t be able to find this box until after you complete the Trident Fortress. Just outside the fort, you’ll find a new truck has spawned at the top of the waterfall. In the bed of it, you’ll find this box.

Lockbox #4

In this area, you’ll find a Hoysala Token. After you pick it up, you’ll have to face some enemy soldiers. The truck the soldiers arrive in contains a lockbox in the back.

Lockbox #5

You’ll find this one near a small stone tower right out in the open.

Lockbox #6

You’ll find this box in the back of a truck near a crumbling tower.

Lockbox #7

This one is in the bed of a truck in the same enemy camp as #6.

Lockbox #8

You’ll find this box in the back of a truck adjacent to the small pond with a waterfall.

Lockbox #9

In the Archer’s Fortress you’ll find a bridge with a locked gate you have to open. Under that bridge is the box.

Lockbox #10

You’ll find this box right in the middle of the enemy camp.

Lockbox #11

Right before the entrance to the Archer’s Fortress, you’ll see a truck on the side of the path. Beside the truck lays the box.

Lockbox #12

This box sits at the top of a hill that is covered with mud. You’ll slip down if you try to just walk up it. Instead you need to climb the rock opposite it. You can then use your grappling hook and rope to swing over and open the box.


Chapter 5

The fifth chapter contains no lockboxes.

Chapter 6

The sixth chapter contains three lockboxes.

Lockbox #13

In the area patrolled by the APC head to the right side of the area. You’ll find a small building you can enter. Inside you’ll find this box.

Lockbox #14

This one is in the same location as #13, but on the left side of the area, the APC is patrolling.

Lockbox #15

After the area with the elephants, just stay on the path, and you’ll run into this one.

Chapter 7

The seventh chapter contains a lone lockbox.

Lockbox #16

In the first location you encounter enemies, you can find this box on a balcony.

Chapter 8

The remaining five lockboxes can be found in the eighth chapter.

Lockbox #17

This box can be found on the right side of the area with the helicopter.

Lockbox #18

This one is near box #17.

Lockbox #19

In the same helicopter area as the above two boxes, you can find this one in the back.

Lockbox #20

On the left side of the area with the chopper, you can find a building. Inside is this box.

Lockbox #21

You’ll find an area with the train near the end of this chapter. Underneath the bridge on the train, you’ll find the last lockbox.

Chapter 9

The last chapter has no lockboxes.

If you followed along with this guide, you should have collected all 21 of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy lockboxes, and obtained the Five Finger Discount and Picks of It Didn’t Happen trophies. If you missed one, don’t worry. This game does have a chapter select and instead of having to play the whole thing again you can jump to the part that contains the lockbox you need.