Yu Suzuki Comments on Shenmue III Graphics

Shenmue III recently received its first teaser trailer, but not all of the feedback was positive. I know this may be shocking, but people on the internet were unhappy with what they saw. Some were unhappy with the character models that they saw for the upcoming 2018 release.

This led to series creator and director Yu Suzuki commenting on the mini-controversy, and he revealed that most of the character models weren’t final. “Shenhua, Ryo, and the other characters are mostly temporary,” Suzuki told Japanese outlet Game Spark (translation via Gematsu). “Shenhua still has to be fixed up a bit.” Suzuki went on to point out other models in the game that were temporary and incomplete.

Suzuki also told Game Watch that facial animations weren’t implemented in the trailer. He says that they had the facial animations working a month ago, but that they were temporarily removed before they put together the teaser trailer. That should explain some of the stiffness that players noticed, and once again it’s best to treat a teaser trailer as what it is: a teaser.

It’s worth noting that before Shenmue III releases, fans might get to enjoy remasters of the other Shenmue titles:

According to Gematsu, the report’s author has been behind some accurate leaks in the past including the news of Atlus publishing The King of Fighters XIV in the West a few days before it was officially announced. Rice Digital says it got a hold of the info via a trusted source close to Atlus.

Shenmue III will release in 2018 for PlayStation 4 and PC.

[Source: Game Spark & Game Watch via Gematsu]