Explore a Big Merry Cruise Ship With Shenmue III’s Third DLC Release on March 17th

Shenmue III‘s third major DLC release, Big Merry Cruise, is just a week away. The content will go live across the PlayStation Store and Epic Games Store Tuesday, March 17th. Once more, players who purchased the Complete DLC Collection, priced at $14.99, will instantly gain access to the new batch of content. Big Merry Cruise will also be sold separately, though pricing details are not known as of yet.

This next DLC release for Shenmue III essentially involves what its title suggests. In Big Merry Cruise, Niaowu Harbor becomes host to a new cruise ship. Ryo can take advantage of the opportunity and engage in some much-need relaxation time. A variety of activities await aboard the ship, such as exclusive challenges and mini-games. By participating in said challenges, Ryo will receive different types of rewards. Some missions in Big Merry Cruise, for instance, will end with the character earning brand-new outfits.

Big Merry Cruise counts as the third major piece of DLC for Shenmue III. Battle Rally, the first of the bunch, hit digital stores earlier this year in January. It, too, features in the Complete DLC Collection, but is available to purchase separately at the price of $7.99. The title’s second round of downloadable content, Story Quest Pack, released last month on February 18th. For $4.99, fans can grab it independent of the Complete DLC collection, as well. Presently, it’s unknown if Ys Net has further DLC plans for Shenmue III after Big Merry Cruise’s launch.

Shenmue III is available to purchase now on the PlayStation 4 and Epic Games Store.

[Source: Ys Net via Gematsu]