Shenmue III’s First Major DLC Battle Rally Will Launch Next Week

Shenmue III’s first major DLC release, Battle Rally, now has a launch date attached to it. The content will go on sale on the PlayStation Store and Epic Games Store for $7.99 on January 21st. Players who previously purchased the title’s Complete DLC Collection, priced at $14.99, will instantly be able to access the new content on launch day.

The game’s Twitter account shared news of the Battle Rally release date in a post this morning. Check it out in the tweet linked below:

With the Battle Rally DLC, Shenmue III players will gain access to “fresh gaming activities” in a race. But the racetrack battles aren’t all fans have to look forward to. The upcoming content is also set to debut two playable characters. In addition to protagonist Ryo Hazuki, Battle Rally will let players adopt the role of the charismatic and money-obsessed Wuying Ren. Ryo Hazuki’s sparring partner, Wei Zhen, who’s debuting with the DLC, will serve as yet another optional character. Players should also expect to earn new rewards upon completing the race in first place.

At the time of writing, Ys Net has yet to unveil when the remainder of Shenmue III’s DLC will begin rolling out. The other two add-ons have also yet to receive specifics about their contents. One, however, is said to consist of story-related content in the form of a side quest.

Shenmue III is available now on the PS4 and PC.

[Source: Shenmue 3 on Twitter via Gematsu]