Hidden Agenda release

Supermassive Games’ Hidden Agenda Releasing in October

Until Dawn developers Supermassive Games have announced that their PlayLink title Hidden Agenda will be hitting the PlayStation 4 in October. Both the physical and digital releases of this game will hit North America on October 24, and Europe a day later on October 25. Hidden Agenda will use the PlayLink feature in order to make decisions throughout the game, with a specific player given a hidden agenda to cause conflict among the group.

Here’s Supermassive Games’ tweet about the release:

This is not the first PlayLink game to release–that honor goes to That’s You!. If you’re interested in how PlayLink works, definitely give our review of That’s You! a read:

One of the most surprising reveals at E3 2017 was Sony’s announcement that they were embracing the trend of playing console games with smartphones, as they’re launching an entire line of games under the PlayLink banner. This comes after Jackbox Games managed to turn their games (You Don’t Know JackFibbage, etc.) into social hits, and other developers (such as Ubisoft allowing players to play Just Dance with their phones) have latched onto the technology. The first title in the PlayLink line, called That’s You!, comes from Wish Studios, and has been marketed as a “social quiz.”

That’s You! is currently free for all PlayStation Plus subscribers, although it’ll become $19.99 on October 24, which makes it a worthwhile purchase on the PlayStation Store whether or not you plan on playing it right now. Since it’s a PlayLink title, players will have to put away their DualShock 4 controllers and pull out an iOS or Android device.

Hidden Agenda will be releasing October 24 on the PlayStation 4.

[Source: Twitter]