Street Fighter V Adds Fortune Teller Turned Fighter Menat Next Week

As expected, Capcom announced the next Street Fighter V DLC character over the weekend. This was part of the Hong Kong eSports Festival 2017, which is one of the events that comprise the Capcom Pro Tour. The new character is a fortune teller named Menat, and fans won’t have to wait long to play as her. Capcom announced that the season two DLC character will be available August 29. As with all other characters, she’ll be able to be purchased either with real money or the in-game fight money currency.

Not a ton is known about Menat so far. All we know is that the character is a fortune teller that is an apprentice of Street Fighter Alpha’s Rose. Menat appears briefly in the character story of Ed, as she warns the character that he’ll be facing hard times in the future just like Dusty Rhodes.

Check out the official gameplay trailer below:

It’s been impressive to watch how Capcom has been able to support and reinvigorate their premier fighting game. It’s come a long way since our own Paulmichael Contreras reviewed it at launch. Here’s a snippet form out Street Fighter V review to show how far the game has come:

Street Fighter V feels like a gigantic tease for the hardcore fans of the franchise.  If Capcom can stay true to their word, however, then it sounds like this is just the tip of the iceberg. It’ll feel strange playing a fighting game for hours on end in order to unlock a character, which is a sad statement of the current state of the video game industry. Short campaigns and a lack of meaty content aside, the important part of this fighting game, namely, the combat, is solid. Yet the net code, at least at launch, is not stable. With the lack of fighting game basics such as a proper Arcade Mode, Street Fighter V feels like an appetizer, rather than the main course that it should be as a numbered entry in a venerable franchise. Capcom’s DLC plans also leave some questions up in the air: will the pricing be fair with the game’s “free” currency, or is it going to be more like a freemium game? Can they really deliver the planned content on-time? As of the time of this review, Street Fighter V is a showcase of potential, but little else.

Menat, who is nicknamed the “Eyes of the Future” will arrive as DLC for Street Fighter V on August 29.

[Source: Capcom]