Summer Lesson’s Third Character Chisato Shinjo Teased

Bandai Namco has put up a teaser at that they will be releasing a new title in the popular PlayStation VR series Summer Lesson. After having released two titles with Hikari Miyamoto and Allison Snow, they will release the third title, with a brand-new character named Chisato Shinjo. However, we still do not know yet how she will exactly look like, as Bandai Namco only provides a silhouette of her. More details on Summer Lesson: Chisato Shinjo will be revealed in next week’s Weekly Famitsu magazine which is to be officially published on September 7.

For now, you can read the translation of commentary provided by Summer Lesson‘s producer & director Jun Tamaoki in the Famitsu article.

Summer Lesson Chisato Shinjo Teased

Summer Lesson has advocated and cultivated a new variety of fun in “Experiencing <realistic> characters with VR” through trials and errors. We’re delving further into that appeal, and in order to aim for a more prolific future, right now we are developing ‘an even somewhat different seven days of summer with a new student’ in the Summer Lesson project.

The development is progressing well, and we have set a goal for release; Summer is ending soon, and today on “August 31,” which also has a very important meaning in the Summer Lesson series, we have brought the official announcement of her existence.

Those among the teachers who have experienced Allison’s story may have heard from Mr. Ugai about the existence of “a wealthy daughter who lives in a large estate.” But even with the “wealthy daughter” [clue], there is still a lot of information being hidden. What kind of girl will this Chisato-chan -who is newly added- be like? We’ve managed to prepare a number of inventions for unpredictably new VR experiences, so I’ll be glad if you take a notice at our next information!

Those who have previously met with Hikari-chan and Allison-chan will get to experience a new, even deeper VR character experience, while also looking forward to spend time together with a girl different from the former two. For those who still never had a chance to touch the world of Summer Lesson, you will be able to choose your first student from the three characters with an abundance of variations. Please continue anticipating the unique experience of Summer Lesson, which will be expanded even further with the appearance of Chisato-chan!

[Source: Famitsu]