Fallen Middle-earth: Shadow of War Producer Honored With DLC Character, Proceeds Go To Family

Last year, Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s Executive Producer lost a battle with cancer, and Monolith is honoring him with a DLC character in the game. Described as a “legend among orcs,” the Shadow of War Forthog Orcslayer bears a strong resemblance to Michael “Forthog” Forgey, and the Orcslayer’s selfless actions can be seen in the character trailer that Monolith released as he leaps in to save the player whenever he is down.

Currently costing $4.99 on Steam (likely to be the same on PSN when Shadow of War launches), WB Games will donate $3.50 to the Forgey family from every purchase of the Forthog Orcslayer. Some restrictions do apply, so you’ll want to check the fine print. Steam has this description of Forthog from Warner Bros. and Monolith:

A legend among the Orcs of Mordor, Forthog Orcslayer is an unstoppable warrior who saves Mordor’s mightiest heroes at their moment of greatest need.

Mike “”Forthog”” Forgey was our Executive Producer and great friend here at Monolith. He was always ready to leap into the fray and save the game whenever and wherever he was most needed. We lost Mike to cancer during the development of Shadow of War, and we want to remember and honor him with a little bit of immortality in Mordor. The legendary Forthog Orcslayer is our way to continue having Mike leap into battle and save us when we’re down.

We hope that you will share in the experience of being saved by the legendary Forthog Orcslayer as you enter the land of shadow.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War releases in a little over a month on October 10. In the last month, we’ve gotten a ton of new trailers for the game, and a sneak peak at the microtransactions it will contain. Even if you don’t agree with those, we have to say that releasing utilizing Forthog as a way to give back to a good cause and honor a lost friend is an excellent use of the system. Will you be getting rescued by Forthog Orcslayer when the game releases next month?