Everybody’s Golf Quiz Answers – All Answers to Prof. Koenji’s Quizzes

In Everybody’s Golf, you will meet an eccentric golfing professor who will quiz you on your knowledge of golf and the mechanics within Everybody’s Golf. Professor Koenji is located in the main lobby area, just to the left of the large statue opposite where you go to enter an online game. The Everybody’s Golf quiz answers are all multiple choice, so just select the correct choice from the list, and you’ll be on your way.

In game rewards for completing these include additional replay cameras and manual recording once you finish the final quiz, but trophy hunters will be particularly keen on completing Koenji’s three quizzes so they can earn the Platinum trophy. There are three tiers: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. To unlock each tier, you need to be a certain tournament rank. Each tier has 10 questions, and we’ve got all 30 questions and answers right here.

Basic – Tournament Rank 2

1. What do you call your first stroke at a hole?

Tee shot

2. What do you call the place where you take a tee shot?

The teeing ground

3. What do caddies shout to warn about incoming golf balls?


4. What do you call it when you sink the ball one stroke under par?


5. What do you call a trap filled with sand?


6. What do you call it when you sink the ball with your tee shot?

Hole in one

7. What do you call it when you sink the ball from outside the green?


8. What do you call it when you hit the ball while on the green?


9. What do you call an Everybody’s Golf cup that has the same size as one used in real golf?

Normal cup

10. What do you call it when you hit the impact zone in the middle?

Perfect impact

Intermediate – Tournament Rank 3

1. What is the tee placed further back than the regular tee called?

Long Tee

2. What do you call a score that’s one stroke under an eagle?


3. What do you call it when a right-handed player’s shot curves to the right?


4. What will happen to the ball if you deliberately take a shot into a headwind?

It won’t travel as far

5. What do you call the declaration if you can’t hit the ball?


6. While in water, which of the following are you allowed to do?

Remove litter.

7. What happens if you use up all your power mode chances?

Can still use it, but with conditions

8. What do you call it when you hit the ground in front of the ball when attempting a shot?


9. What do you normally call an approach shot that lifts the ball?

Pitch Shot

10. What’s the best way to hit a shot that makes the ball fly up high?

Use a backspin

Advanced – Tournament Rank 6

1. What do you call it when grass gets between the ball and the club, preventing spin?


2. What do you call a small, deep bunker you might find on a links course?

Pot Bunker

3. Which ball effect does not exist in this version of Everybody’s Golf?

Longer distance in the air

4. Which is not an EG Rule that can be applied to VS Mode?

Putters only

5. How is the ball likely to travel if hit by a right-handed player on a hanging lie?

It’s likely to slice to the right

6. What do you call a hole that will end the match if the losing player doesn’t win it?

Dormie hole

7. How does the timing of your impact influence a stroke?

The direction will change

8. What do you call the distance up to the point the ball finally stops after the carry?


9. Which of these won’t help to prevent shots going off-course?

Using a backspin

10. Which VS character appears if you get 50 officially scored birdies?


Be sure to check out my review of Everybody’s Golf where I say that this game truly is “golf for everybody.” Did our Everybody’s Golf quiz answers help you get that manual replay recording ability, or even the Platinum trophy?