Latest Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Update Fixes Exploits and Changes Gun Game

A brand new Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare update is now hitting PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The update adds several guns to the Gun Game (including the Stallion .44 and Raijin-EMX), changes the move speed of the infected, and fixes map exploits that were previously available in multiplayer.

Here’s the full patch notes from Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare‘s official subreddit:

General Fixes

• Infected: Reduced the move speed of the infected as the number of those infected increases (every 3 players that get infected will reduce the move speed and only takes effect on spawn)

• Added the Stallion .44, Atlas, G-Rail, and Raijin-EMX to Gun Game

• Exploit fixes across various maps

• Various backend bug fixes

• VPR: Hip fire kick has been increased to help make it perform inline with other SMGs

• R3K: Burst cooldowns have been decreased to help it compete better with other ARs

For more on Infinite Warfare, check out our review. Here’s what Chandler Wood had to say:

The three-year, three-developer cycle is supposed to take away some of that yearly iteration franchise fatigue, and though the campaign takes many zero-g leaps to shake up the traditional formula, multiplayer and Zombies both feel plucked straight from last year and are almost out of place against the backdrop of Infinite Warfare’s new campaign. It’s ironic that the best part of Infinite Warfare — the classic war story — is also the reason many have turned their noses up due to the setting being in the future and in space.

Outside of the innovative campaign, Infinite Warfare plays it safe by cloning and tweaking what’s worked in the past with multiplayer and Zombies, which makes neither really seem like products of Infinity Ward. Gameplay imbalance in multiplayer, with arguably more powerful weapon variants available in loot boxes, is a real concern, as is current map design and spawn logic promoting far too many instances of being shot in the back. Depending on where you place your weight, there’s a dichotomy of value from this package. The campaign and Zombies are definitely worth playing, but the multiplayer is as likely to leave people feeling frustrated as it is to see a fair and fun match, especially with so many other shooter options that have upped the ante out there.

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[Source: Infinity Ward Twitter]