Colin McRae: Dirt Turns 10 on PS3, Take a Look Back at the Rally Series

On this day 10 years ago, Colin McRae: DiRT was released for PlayStation 3 in North America. That was slightly later than the PC and Xbox 360 releases, as it came out in June of 2007 for those platforms, but the wait was definitely worth it. The rally racing game managed to redefine the genre, and was 2007’s most polished racing game.

While DiRT might be 10 years old today, the actual series is much older. It has been around since 1998 (that’s nearly 20 years!), and has appeared on five separate PlayStation systems. Take a trip through memory lane and view how the rally racing titles have improved over the years.

Take a look at how the series has evolved in the slideshow below:

I hope you enjoyed our look back at the Colin McRae: Dirt series throughout the past 19 years. Codemasters’ ability to constantly reinvent and refine the rally racing genre has been impressive to watch, and it’s quite telling that the latest title in the series is their finest yet.

For even more on the latest installment, check out our DiRT 4 review. Here’s a snippet of what reviewer Paulmichael Contreras had to say:

DiRT 4 encompasses all that it means to race. To spend hours tuning your car, taking it out for a ride to test, bringing it back in to the garage to tweak some more, and repeating until everything is perfect. To have the stressors of the day simply fall away the second the red lights turn off and you are given the “GO” light. To have a perfect run and relish in your victories, as well as to have a devastating setback at the last second, but to learn from your mistakes and carry your head high as you give it another go.

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