Tooth and Tail Releases Tomorrow, Learn How to Win

September 11, 2017Written by Elizabeth Henges

Tooth and tail release

Pocketwatch Games’ real time strategy title Tooth and Tail releases on the PlayStation 4 tomorrow, but before then the developers want to teach you some tricks in order to play and win in online matches. Pocketwatch Games’ post on the PlayStation.Blog goes over things like army composition and what units to build up. They also go over Tooth and Tail’s procedurally generated maps and how that affect strategies.

Here are some choice quotes from the PlayStation.Blog:

Army Composition

The mind games start well before the match even begins. Prior to match start, customize your army with six hidden unit types.

Players can pick warrens, which are structures that produce mobile units, or stationary defensive structures. There are three tiers of warrens that vary in cost, build time, production time, and unit cap. Typically, players will pick at least one unit from each tier of warren, and at least one defensive structure.

The Tier 1 warrens are good at the beginning of the match, and form the basis for your army. Squirrels, also known as The Distillery Brothers, are your standard ranged infantry, but their health is low. Lizards, AKA Nomads of the North, are fast and tankier than squirrels but they have a shorter range. Watch out for Moles (Engineers For Hire) — they can be built anywhere on the battlefield, including behind your base. Pigeons (The Volunteers) are the medics, and Toads (Morning Light Croakers) can self-destruct, taking out large numbers of weak units.

Match Start

When the match starts, the first thing you might notice is that the maps are procedurally generated. That means that after you build your first farm (farms produce food, which is the currency in the game), you should go explore the map. Find out where your opponent is and then burrow home.

Build a couple more farms, and then decide whether you want to be aggressive early or whether you want to invest in your farms. No matter what you pick, go scout your opponent so that you can react to their choices intelligently.

How to Win

I’ve got good news and bad news. You can win any match, in any procedurally generated map, with any army composition against any enemy. The bad news? The same is true for you opponent.

Whomever is in the lead typically controls the pace and dynamics of the match. If you want to play defensively, you’ll need to find ways to make your opponent attack you. Claim some territory right outside his front door and pop up some turrets. He’s sure not to like that.

Tooth and Tail will release tomorrow, September 12, on the PlayStation 4.

[Source: PlayStation.Blog]