Bungie Removes Item From Destiny 2 That Had Unintentional Similarities to a Hate Symbol

Not even out a week and Bungie has quickly addressed a problem with an item in Destiny 2 that had unintentional similarities with a hate symbol. The Destiny 2 gauntlets are the Hunter Road Complex AA1s.  The pattern and coloring elements are similar with the “Kekistan” flag that some alt-right groups use as a banner, and can be seen at marches promoting racism and white nationalist ideals. Bungie tweeted about the removal of the item earlier today.

Bungie CEO Pete Parsons doubled down on the decision to remove the Destiny 2 gauntlets hate symbol with a tweet of his own saying that Bungie supports inclusion and respect for both their employees and their players.

If you’re currently using these gauntlets, it’s unclear how Bungie intends to remove and replace them at this time, but chances are they will provide a replacement item of the same level in place of the Road Complex AA1. 

This week continues to be a big week for Bungie as the raid is releasing tomorrow, meaning we’ll start seeing a lot of scored reviews coming from outlets that have been waiting for Destiny 2’s endgame content to launch. Our own review in progress is live now and says that Destiny is the best it’s ever been with Destiny 2.

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[Source: PCGamesN.com]