PSA: Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid Goes Live Today at 10 AM PST

September 13, 2017Written by Chandler Wood

Destiny 2 raid

One of Destiny 2’s most awaited endgame activities will be available in less than two hours! The Leviathan Raid is still shrouded in mystery. Bungie has been tight lipped about what the first Destiny 2 raid will feature and how they have improved on previous raids. We’ll be going hands on with it at launch and live streaming our attempt to cross the finish line with the gatecrashers.

Destiny raids require a six person fireteam and cannot be matchmade. This means that you need to gather a group of five other people or take to LFG (looking for group) sites in order to complete them. Destiny 2 guided games seeks to resolve this by letting solo seekers team up with clans that are willing to sherpa–or guide–them through the raid. Guided games aren’t quite live yet though. Bungie is going through a beta process to see how their unique approach to matchmaking for endgame content will work.

Our Destiny 2 review has been awaiting this day. After we’ve made a proper attempt to discover Leviathan’s secrets, we’ll be publishing a full and scored review that takes all aspects of the game into account. Our review in progress is now live and calls Destiny 2 the best that Destiny has ever been.

A sequel should be many things. It should be familiar. It should be a step forward. It should cultivate the things that worked. It should improve what didn’t. Finding that balance is difficult without either copying too much of what came before or no longer staying true to the original. As old Guardians and new alike take this step into a world without light, Destiny 2 proves that Bungie has taken great care with this balance. There’s a familiar game here, and yet there’s a game all its own. It’s thrilling to start at the bottom again and need to work my way up after three years of feeling powerful.

Unless there are some severe failings with the raid, you can expect high marks. See you on board the Leviathan!