PSLS Help Desk – PS4 Error Code WS-37397-9 Solutions

If the PSN is online and the error code WS-37397-9 pops up, it’s sadly not going to be an easy fix. This particular error occurs if the PSN has blocked the IP address your ISP or network provider assigned to you. And why would they block it? IPs are blocked for activity that violates the PlayStation Network Terms of Service, such as malicious traffic.

The following are typical causes of this error, as well as how to potentially fix them:

  • Shared IP address between multiple users, such as in an apartment complex, college campus, hotspot. If you are indeed accessing the PSN from behind a shared IP, try to contact the local network support for more details as well as help fixing the situation.
  • Malicious software unknowingly installed on a device connected to your network, which can include your modem, router, PC/MAC, security cameras, or other home automation equipment. If it’s possible, perform a virus scan to find and remove any malicious software that may be on your device.
  • Your assigned IP address was previously used by a spammer or used with a virus. Running a virus scan on all devices connected to your network could fix the IP problem. If not, a factory reset on your modem, router, or internet-enabled security camera will remove any malicious software unknowingly installed.

Before you factory reset any device, contact your ISP or hardware manufacturer regarding resetting it, specifically to ask about irreparable harm to your home network or hardware devices. Once the malicious software matter is resolved, your assigned IP will be automatically unblocked after a period of time.

If you’re certain there is no malicious network activity coming from your network, contact your ISP or network provider to help you obtain a new IP address.

Let us know in the comments below if you found a fix that works for you!

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