Raoh and More Characters Introduced in Hokuto ga Gotoku

SEGA has published the third character information batch for their upcoming Yakuza-based Fist of the North Star game for PlayStation 4, Hokuto ga Gotoku. This batch introduces four characters: two from the original Fist of the North Star series, and two characters completely original to this game.

Hokuto ga Gotoku characters - Raoh

First of all, we have the well-known major antagonist of Fist of the North Star, Raoh. He is the eldest of the four Hokuto Shinken brothers, and he wants to use the techniques he learned to unify the chaotic lands with violence and iron fist, which leads him to be known as Ken-oh (The Fist King).

In Hokuto ga Gotoku, Raoh will be voiced by Masami Iwasaki, who is known in the Yakuza series as Ryuji Goda’s voice actor.

Hokuto ga Gotoku characters - Rihaku

In the original Fist of the North Star series, Rihaku was known as the leader of Nanto Five Chariot Stars, a group of five officers who swore their allegiance to Nanto’s last general. In Hokuto ga Gotoku however, he is introduced as one of the rare doctors who work in Eden’s clinic. Despite working as a doctor, Rihaku knows a lot of things about martial arts, and also situations outside Eden, which leads some to think he might not be an ordinary doctor.

Rihaku will be voiced by Kazuhiro Yamaji, who has been voicing Detective Makoto Date in Yakuza series.

Hokuto ga Gotoku characters - Daruga

Daruga is one of Hokuto ga Gotoku‘s original characters introduced in this batch. He is known to hold the No.2 position in Kyouoh’s army. Despite speaking with a light tone, he actually has a cruel and inhuman personality. He uses pistols, which have become a rare commodity in this era, and he has also learned a specific martial art that can’t be matched by ordinary fighters.

Daruga is going to be voiced by the famous voice actor Yuichi Nakamura, who had his experience in Yakuza series by voicing Han Joon Gi in Yakuza 6.

Hokuto ga Gotoku characters - Lyra

And finally, here is Lyra, the female original character introduced in this batch. She manages the entirety of Eden’s night life, from the night clubs to the fight bets at the Colosseum. Although she is strong-minded, she is also known to be wise and makes decisions calmly, which makes her popular among Eden’s women. Even Eden’s governor Kisana has fully trusted her.

Lyra will be voiced by Aya Hisakawa, who participated in the Japan-only PS3 game Yakuza Kenzan by voicing Yoshino Dayu there.

You can also read the previous character announcement batch for Hokuto ga Gotoku, which introduced three Fist of the North Star characters: Toki, Rei, and Airi.

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