BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Demo Will Be Playable At NYCC, RTX London, & More

September 21, 2017Written by Tyler Treese

Blazblue Cross Tag Battle demo

Fighting game developer Arc System Works announced on their official website that BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle will be playable at multiple events next month. All across October, they’ll be bringing a BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle demo build to New York Comic-Con, RTX London, GameStart 2017, and their own Arc Revolution Cup.

The locations and dates for the upcoming BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle demo are as follows:

  • October 5-8 – New York Comic-Con
  • October 14-15 – RTX London
  • October 14-15 – South East Asia Major @ GameStart 2017
  • October 21 – Arc Revolution Cup 2017 in Toushinsai

Here’s how developer Arc System Works describes their crossover fighting game that brings the BlazBlue, Persona, RWBY and UNIEL universes together:

Cross Tag Battle will feature a dream-team of characters that have never before been gathered in a single 2D fighting game. Featuring Ragna the Bloodedge from BlazBlue, Yu from Persona 4 Ultimate Arena, Hyde from UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH, and Ruby Rose from the 3D animated series RWBY, developed by the visionary creators at Rooster Teeth Productions with more to come!

Cross Tag Battle features the work of Arc System Works’ up-and-coming illustrator: Konomi Higuchi as the game’s lead character designer.

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle is set to release in 2018. Platforms have not yet been announced. We’ll have more information on the highly anticipated fighting game crossover as it becomes available.

Are you satisfied with who has been revealed for BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle‘s roster so far? Who would you like to see added to the roster from each of the respective series? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

[Source: Gematsu]