Danganronpa V3 Guide – Walkthroughs for Every Class Trial

Danganronpa V3 Guide 4

Danganronpa V3 Class Trial 2 Guide

Non-Stop Debate

Weak Spot – Argue Point “Was eaten alive”

Truth Bullet – “Monokuma File 2”

Question: When did Ryoma drown?

Answer: Before the show started

Non-Stop Debate

Weak Spot – Agree Point “Secret hatch”

Truth Bullet – “Water Tank Trick”

Rebuttal Showdown

Weak Spot – Argue Point “Water Everywhere”

Truth Blade – “Wet Staircase”

Question: Why weren’t Himiko’s clothes wet?

Answer: She changed her uniform

Non-Stop Debate

Weak Spot – Argue Point “No one saw anything”

Truth Bullet – “Gonta’s Account”

Non-Stop Debate

Weak Spot – Agree Point “Body and piranhas were separated”

Truth Bullet – “Square Glass Pane”

Question: What exactly was obscuring the body from view?

Answer: Crammed piranhas

Question: When could the culprit have set up the scene?

Answer: Yesterday, before nighttime

Question: What clue helps determine when Ryoma was killed?

Answer: Witnessing Ryoma

Mass Panic Debate

Weak Spot – Argue Point “Stay in the gym”

Truth Bullet – “Kokichi’s Account”

Question: The person who can be eliminated as a suspect is…?

Answer: Miu Iruma

Question: Whose motive video did Ryoma have?

Answer: Maki Harukawa

Question: Who knows who had whose motive video?

Answer: Kokichi Oma

Non-Stop Debate

Weak Spot – Argue Point “Prove that this meeting took place”

Lie Bullet (Hold Triangle) – “Maki Alone”

Debate Scrum

Keyword Order







Question: Why couldn’t the ladder have been used?

Answer: The ladder doesn’t reach the window

Non-Stop Debate

Weak Spot – Argue Point “Only place that fits is the pool”

Truth Bullet – “Pool Rules”

Question: What clue shows where Ryoma was killed?

Answer: Scratched Sink

Question: What made the scratches on the sink?

Answer: Scratched Handcuffs

Spot Selection

Select the window

Psyche Taxi

-Lab Window

-Gym Window

-From Window to Window

Spot Selection

Select the rope

Question: What was used as the second rope?

Answer: Tennis Net Cable

Hangman’s Gambit

Question: What did the culprit fashion to move the body between windows?


Mind Mine

Select the Rubber Inner Tube

Question: Why did the culprit leave the inner tube in the pool?

Answer: It was nighttime

Choose Culprit: Kirumi Tojo

Non-Stop Debate

Weak Spot – Argue Point “Could have been done by anyone”

Truth Bullet – “Alibis for Yesterday”

Rebuttal Showdown

Weak Spot – Argue Point “No Evidence”

Truth Blade – “Marked Window Frames”

Question: What evidence implicates Kirumi?

Answer: Black piece of fabric

Argument Armament

Final Argument Word Order: KIRUMI’S GLOVES

Closing Argument

Gap: The evidence made of metal the piranhas didn’t eat

Panel: Metal handcuffs in the water

Gap: What was used as a partition in the piranha tank?

Panel: Piranha tank lid

Gap: The thin and long item the culprit took from the gym

Panel: Carried the rope

Gap: Where in the gym was the rope tied?

Panel: Gym’s window frame and rope

Gap: Before the murder, what was put on the victim’s wrists?

Panel: Handcuffed victim

Gap: What was taken from the pool?

Panel: Rubber inner tube

Gap: What was used to transport the body on the ropeway?

Panel: Hanged inner tube

Gap: Hitting the brakes was tougher than expected

Panel: Friction on the glove

Gap: Where was the body carried to?

Panel: Piranhas swimming in the tank

Voting Time

Choose Kirumi Tojo