Swery’s The Good Life Will Have Cat and Dog Versions

Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro’s The Good Life is currently running a Fig crowdfunding campaign, and in order to provide potential investors with more details, White Owls has added a Q&A section that reveals interesting tidbits of information.

We’ve learned that the developer will release two versions of the game – a cat version and a dog version. Each of these will have unique gameplay, which may result in some story differences between both in certain parts.

Here’s how White Owls explains it:

We plan to release two versions: The Good Life -CATS- and The Good Life -DOGS-. The cats and dogs will each have their own unique items and behavior patterns, and the overall atmosphere of the game will vary widely between the two. For example, cats can crawl through cramped spaces and climb across tree branches and roofs. Meanwhile, dogs will be able to dig in the ground, follow scent trails, and move larger objects. This may even cause parts of the story to change between versions. You can buy either one, or buy both and compare the differences.

We’re also told that players can turn into a cat or a dog for one week each month in the game.

With 11 days left in the campaign, The Good Life has managed to raise 19% of its $1.5 million goal.

[Source: Fig]