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Fallout: New Vegas Was Held Back by Being on Consoles

Fallout: New Vegas was a hit when it released in 2010, but it seems that the game may not have been as great as it could have been. In a recent interview with Obsidian’s Scott Everts, he states that having New Vegas on consoles limited the game. Having the game on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 forced the development studio to simply things due to the engine they had to work with.

Here is the interview snippet from PCGamesN:

“[the game] would have been a lot different if it was PC only. We had a lot of plans early on. Like, ‘Here’s where the water is stored, here’s where the farms are, here’s where the government is centralised’. We had it all planned out – it wasn’t just a bunch of random stuff.”

Some of that content still made its way into the game, but Everts says “we could have gone further with that. We had to simplify, so we had less stuff that would bog down the game engine,” and seems to blame some of the game’s performance issues on its console development: “We would have had fewer performance issues. We did break it up a bit, but from my point of view it was a performance-related game and we had to fix things.”

Everts even goes on to state that Mojave Wasteland would be different as well, having “more separate zones”, with the big tower in the middle with zones more clearly separated.

Would you have like to seen Fallout: New Vegas at its fullest potential on PC, or maybe even PS4?

[Source: PCGamesN]