PSA: Star Wars Battlefront II Beta Opens to the Public Today

October 6, 2017Written by Chandler Wood

Battlefront 2 beta

Players who pre-ordered have been playing the beta for a couple of days already, but if you didn’t pre-order, there’s no need to worry. The Star Wars Battlefront II beta is now publicly available through the weekend. The Battlefront II beta will end on October 9. To download, go to the PlayStation Store and search for Battlefront II beta.

Here are the modes that you can play in the beta:

  • Assault on Theed
  • Strike on Maz’s Castle
  • Starship Assault on Fondor
  • Arcade Mode

Beta participants will receive a number of rewards in the full game. Loading up the final game will grant beta players a loot box with:

  • Credits
  • Darth Maul emote
  • Storm Trooper card

A new beta trailer was released earlier this week, showing a quick look at what you can expect in the beta. Our previews of Star Wars Battlefront II have always highlighted a game that is much improved over the original.

Gunplay also felt better than in Star Wars Battlefront II. You can use iron sights, for starters, something many players felt was removed unnecessarily in the last game. Projectile weapons also offer recoil, adding to the skill required to perform well. Energy-based weapons can overheat, and have a cooldown mechanic. If you reload and then press the fire button at the right time, you’ll reload more quickly (active reload). Press at an incorrect time, however, and you’ll have to wait even longer for your reload to finish, costing you valuable time and perhaps your life.

As you have no doubt seen by now, Star Wars Battlefront II looks phenomenal. Whether it’s reflections off a Stormtrooper’s suit, puddles of water on Theed, blaster fire, or explosions, the game almost looks like it was ripped straight out of a Star Wars movie. Audio is also impeccable, and intense firefights echo throughout the battlefield. We were playing on a good set of Logitech headphones, and felt especially wrapped up in the action, the noise of EA PLAY falling to the wayside as our focus turned to the action onscreen.

Are you going to be taking part in the Star Wars Battlefront II beta this weekend?