Dead Rising 4 Capcom Heroes Mode Lets Frank West Unleash New Moves

For anyone that’s ever wanted to hit zombies with some sweet Street Fighter moves, Capcom has something for you. Today, the company announced that Dead Rising 4 is receiving an update in December that will add a new game mode allowing Frank West to use the abilities of classic Capcom characters.

The mode, appropriately called “Capcom Heroes,” will allow West to take over the role of iconic Capcom characters, including some from the Street Fighter series. So far, characters such as Mega Man X, Dante, and classic Frank West have been announced, but today Capcom has announced even more characters specifically from their classic fighting game series.

Over at the Capcom Unity blog, the company has revealed five of the Street Fighter costumes you can utilize in Capcom Heroes. Those costumes include Mecha Zangief, Akuma, M. Bison, Cammy, and Ryu. We’ve already seen what Frank West looks like dressed as Cammy, but we’ve never seen him lay down some of her moves on zombies, until now. Each costume will allow players to use the characters trademark moves against the undead. The trailer (above) showcases some of those.

The Capcom Heroes mode will be available via a free update on December 5, the same day the game releases on the PlayStation 4. What characters do you plan on being?

[Source: Capcom Unity Blog]