NIS America Says It’ll Continue to Support PS Vita Digitally But Admits It’s Challenging

NIS America’s Alan Costa has said that although the company will continue to support PlayStation Vita digitally, it’s becoming increasingly challenging especially with Nintendo Switch in the picture.

Speaking to MCV, Costa said that Sony’s handheld console has an “incredibly hardcore fan base” but overall, PS Vita “isn’t really the place to be right now.” He added that the company wants to focus on Switch, which features handheld functionality, as it boasts a strong and continuously growing market whereas PS Vita’s market is dwindling.

We still see that, when we release games on Vita, we have a fanbase that’s there and that they get it and love it. But as a whole, it’s not really the place to be right now.

The PS Vita is obviously on its way out, and the Switch is very, very strong. One thing in particular that makes it strong is that it has that handheld function, so going forward as a company, we want to target PS4, Steam and Switch, because over the next two years, the Switch market is only going to grow and become stronger.

Costa said that NIS America is one of the “final supporters” of PS Vita. However, there’s a “strong chance” that Ys VIII and Danganronpa V3 will be its final physical releases on the platform.

[Source: MCV]