Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Giveaway – Win a Free Copy!

Thanks to the kind folks at Konami, we’re giving away five copies of Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 FC Barcelona Edition, one of the sports games we’ve highlighted as part of our 2017 Holiday Buyer’s Guide!

Here’s how Konami describes their football game:

The latest in the series, PES 2018 is a sports video game featuring top players, teams and stadiums of pro soccer leagues from around the world. With improved gameplay, advanced visuals and exciting new features added, PES 2018 is the best installment yet.

There are three ways to enter to win our Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 giveaway:

Since we’re giving away physical copies of Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, contestants must be from the United States. Winners will be notified on Friday, October 27, and asked for their addresses. After we’ve received the lucky winners’ addresses, the copies of PES 2018 will be sent out.

To learn even more about Konami’s latest soccer game, check out our Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 review! Here’s a snippet of what I had to say:

Meanwhile, the main online improvement is the ability to play cooperatively online. This is yet again an improvement that I like in theory, yet can’t find myself using often since most of the people I’d play online with own the competition. That meant that I was jumping into random matches via networking and this led to either surprisingly fun matches or a mess where my team wasn’t very compatible. Like many online modes, this’ll come down to who you have to play it with, and if you have a few mates who are crazy about PES then I could see this being a blast.

My favorite PES mode, Master League, also received some tweaks in this year’s installment, as the presentation is slightly sharper, and there are more cutscenes before and after major events. I’m of the opinion that Pro Evolution Soccer features the best franchise offering of any sports game, so seeing this mode get slightly better (even if it’s not a complete overhaul) is definitely a positive in my book.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 is available now.