Arcade Archives Elevator Action PS4

Arcade Archives: Elevator Action Announced for PS4

Arcade Archives Elevator Action PS4 screenshots

Remember this game screenshot? This is Elevator Action, a classic game made by Taito in 1983 that was first released in arcades. Hamster Corporation has just announced that the good old Elevator Action will be made available on PlayStation 4 as part of their Arcade Archives series in Japan soon on October 26, as mentioned by the press release that has been published by 4Gamer.

As a refresher of the game, in Elevator Action you play as a secret agent who infiltrates a tall building from the roof, having to make your way to the bottom of the building while collecting every secret document stored behind red doors and either avoiding or shooting enemy agents that will come to beat you.

As with other Arcade Archives titles, you will be also able to set the game difficulty and more in the game settings, including setting the display mode to look like the good-old CRT monitor, and register your high scores on an online leaderboard.

However, unlike Square Enix’s Elevator Action Deluxe which has been remade into a modern game for PlayStation 3, Hamster Corporation will be porting the old-school, original arcade version of Elevator Action as-is for the PlayStation 4. On that subject, we are also wondering if Elevator Action Deluxe will be also available for the PS4 someday.

In the meantime, you can see more screenshots based on the original arcade version of Elevator Action that will soon become available to play on the PS4.

[Source: 4Gamer]