Dreadnought Update Overhauls Progression, Adds New Mode, and More

Independent developer YAGER has announced today that the first patch for the open beta of Dreadnought on the PlayStation 4 is out now. The update brings with it a new game mode, Onslaught, which lets players battle both enemy team’s capital ships and other, neutral AI-controlled vessels in more massive battles.


Alongside the new mode, the Onslaught update also completely overhauls progression in the game, including how players get acquainted with their new ship. Now, a new game mode called Proving Grounds replaces the old training machines in the previous versions. Players can now join in with each other and other AI-controlled ships to learn the game’s mechanics while also earning credits and experience.

There’s a bunch of new changes found in the update, some of which can be found below. Forthe full list, make sure to head over to Grey Box’s blog post regarding it:


Onslaught adds AI-controlled ships to the mix. In this game mode, matches are chaotic and the objective is simple: rack up points for your team by destroying as many enemy vessels or neutral AI ships as possible.

Throughout a match, you’ll have the freedom to engage enemies as well as AI ships, which spawn across the map in three different sizes. While destroying both types of vessels adds points to your team’s score, an opponent’s ship is worth much more than a smaller AI ship.


Battle Bonus boosts the amount of all three currencies that you earn after a match: Credits, Ship XP and Free XP. Unlike the maintenance system that it replaces, if you lose, you’ll still be able to play your fleet as much as you want. You just won’t get the extra bonus (the exception is the Recruit fleet, which is always affected by Battle Bonus). Basically, you can play any fleet, anytime!


Complete challenges to earn rewards! The career progression system enables novice captains to learn the basics of Dreadnought, but it also offers incentives for experienced ones to leave their comfort zones and try new things. While these career progression goals are optional, fulfilling them offers valuable rewards like XP, Credits and GP.

Dreadnought is available now.