LEGO Dimensions Is Officially Canceled, No New Expansion Packs to be Produced

Given the enormous expense of toys-to-life games, the cancellation of Disney Infinity and this year’s hiatus of Skylanders is understandable, yet LEGO Dimensions pushed on. It’s actually a little bit surprising that the franchise crossing LEGO game has lasted this long, but one year shy of its projected three year plan, WB and TT Games have opted not to release any more content for LEGO Dimensions. The cancellation was announced on the LEGO Dimensions official Twitter.

Released in 2015, LEGO Dimensions didn’t follow the trend of releasing a new title each year, opting to build out the game with physical expansions packs that loaded in new levels and characters, including three major story packs that acted as larger releases to help keep the game fresh year over year. Wave 9 was the final set of packs released in September, and while fans speculated what might be coming next, it doesn’t look like any additional packs are on the horizon. With the smallest fun packs costing around $12, and ranging all the way up to $50 for the full story expansions, it’s an intimidating proposition to try and stay up to date with all of the LEGO Dimensions collectibles.

The good news is that all existing packs will continue to work with the game, and cancellation will likely see many of them dropping in price as stores shift around their displays (you know, that whole aisle that was, for a time, dedicated to nothing but LEGO Dimensions, Skylanders, and Disney Infinity) and online retailers look to purge their inventory. It’s sad news for anyone looking forward to another three or four waves of packs this coming year, but I can’t say that TT Games getting out of the toys-to-life game is any surprise. It will allow the company to focus more directly on its more traditional LEGO video games, which remain incredibly fun and popular, even if they are full of odd glitches and bugs.

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