Destiny 2 DLC Leak Reveals New Details, Teases Locations

Update: Some of this was debunked as old files left in the game, such as The Myriad just being an the original working name for Nessus. Some of that does explain old Destiny 1 locations being mentioned, though there is the occasional voice line that talks about the Red Legion in regards to old locations. As always, take out-of-context leaks like this with a grain of salt until Bungie offers official confirmation.

Original: Destiny 2 recently released on PC this week, and intrepid users have already datamined Bungie’s first-person shooter. By looking into the dialogue files, players have found out some new details about the upcoming expansions. Many locations and characters from the first game are mentioned, so it looks like there’ll be some familiar sights and faces to see.

Here’s a rundown of what the lines reveal (courtesy of Reddit user TheEcumene):

  • Voice lines about new worlds; Ganymede & The Myriad.
  • Voice lines about Destiny 1 patrol zones; Venus, Mars, Dreadnaught, Old Russia
  • Phobos and Mercury are also talked about, with Phobos hinted as a new Patrol zone.
  • Shiro is on Mercury and Osiris comes to the Tower once again!
  • (Destiny 1 events will return.) I mean things like Crimson Days, Festival of the Lost (next year), SRL, etc… Not Queen’s Wrath or anything.
  • The Reef and Prison of Elders, along with Petra and Variks, are mentioned. Seems like you can go back!
  • SRL returns, along with Marcus Ren.
  • Black Garden and the Vault of Glass are mentioned; perhaps a trip back?

It’s worth pointing out that many of these ideas could’ve simply been abandoned during Destiny 2‘s development. So, don’t get your hopes up too high until they’re officially confirmed by Bungie and Activision. That said, it’s clear that Bungie has a lot planned for Destiny 2, and the game will continue to expand as its updates and expansions are released.

Destiny 2 is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and just launched on PC.

[Source: Reddit]