New Game Concrete Genie Revealed and Detailed at PGW 2017

During the pre-show for Sony’s Paris Games Week conference, Pixelopus revealed a trailer for their brand new art-based title Concrete Genie, an upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive. Judging by the trailer (below), the concept of painting features heavily, as the main character – named Ash – is seen drawing across various buildings and watching as the renditions come to life.

Later in the day, once the full conference had ended, Sony shared an interview with Jeff Sangalli – the Art Director of the game – during which get a lot of new information on the game, the decision for some of the art used within it, some great interviews with other members of the development team on where the inspiration behind Concrete Genie came from. You can check that out below:

For more information on Concrete Genie, make sure to check out the following:

Concrete Genie is an action adventure game about a boy called Ash who discovers he can bring his paintings to life. As you might expect, given that our hero is an artist, a lot of the gameplay in Concrete Genie is about having fun with paint. Using the DUALSHOCK 4 motion sensor function, you can effortlessly create stunning landscapes that come to life and even make your own cast of unique creatures to hang out and play with. Our goal is for anyone to be able to paint in this game. The paint strokes you make on the walls will turn into beautiful living artwork.

Concrete Genie is slated to release sometime in 2018.