PGW 2017: Erica Announced as a New PlayLink Title, Features Live Action Characters

Erica is a new PlayLink game that was announced at Sony’s Paris Games Week 2017 media showcase. PlayLink is, of course, Sony’s new intiative that allows players to link their phones and play through apps rather than controllers, creating a decidedly more social experience (and allowing for more second screen type of content to be displayed on each player’s phone screen).

Erica is a game that’s live action, meaning that there’s a cross between interactive film experiences (like Late Shift) and games, though in the quick interview below, the developer says they see Erica as a more of a new thing than a traditional interactive film.

Erica features constant interaction from the player, so there are never long portions of simply watching a movie play out. They wanted the experience to feel like you were really in control of Erica and her every action. She won’t speak unless directed by the player. Things like opening doors is contextual, so using your phone to swipe it open fast will cause a reaction from Erica that wouldn’t be present if the door were to be gently pushed open slowly. The interview with the developers has a lot more information about some of the ideas and themes that went into Erica and the PlayLink experience.

Stay tuned for even more news and announcements coming out of Paris Games Week. It’s only Monday, so the week is just getting started, and we’re sure to have more information on everything announced as the event moves forward.