Ginebra Added to the Raiders of the Broken Planet Roster

Founders Pack owners for Raiders of the Broken Planet will be able to play a new character today! Ginebra “became infamous in the Fifth Council by hunting down Konstantin and other rogue members of their faction, rediscovering part of her long lost human core in the process.” While Founders Pack owners can give her a try today, Prologue or Alien Myths owners will have to wait until November 9 to try Ginebra.

There is a trailer showing off Ginebra:

MercurySteam has more on the deadly hunter:

Ginebra joins the fray armed with her Sturzenegger Bogen C-A00 crossbow, loaded with deadly transmission bolts. However, what truly singles Ginebra out as a force to be reckoned with is her Armor-Plated “Sabretooth” Model Chassis. In this apex predator form, her movement speed is dramatically increased, even allowing her to  run up walls. Players using Ginebra as a Raider or as an Antagonist will find her unique skillset gives them the scope for some cunning strategies on the battlefields of the Broken Planet.

Taking out “stray” Fifth Council units was Ginebra’s mission for decades. On a fateful day, Ginebra was assigned the Konstantin unit as her next target. Upon their meeting, Konstantin refused to engage her, resisting the Hunter’s punishment before falling and distracting Ginebra just long enough to allow the small group of locals he was protecting to escape. Konstantin’s noble sacrifice awoke something long forgotten within Ginebra’s human core, and now she’s counted among the defector’s ranks she was previously charged to purge.

You can try out Ginebra starting today in Raiders of the Broken Planet if you are a Founders Pack owner.