New Dragon Ball FighterZ Gameplay Reveals How Dragon Balls Are Used

During a recent livestream this morning from Bandai Namco, new information regarding the upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ, specifically regarding how the Dragon Balls work during a game and more information regarding the game’s Story Mode. The full livestream can be viewed below, with the Dragon Ball FighterZ section starting at 1:05:33.

For some time, fans have been wondering just how the Dragon Ball mechanic would work in the game. Perhaps unintentionally, Bandai Namco has given us the answer in the livestream. Once a player collects the seventh Dragon Ball, Shenron – the dragon – is summoned and the player is able to pick between four different wishes. According to HiFight on Twitter, those wishes are:

  • Refill your current character’s health bar (the blue selection)
  • Revive your downed teammates (the yellow selection)
  • Increased blue health regeneration or “immortality” (the green selection)
  • A free Sparkling Blast activation or “ultimate power” (the red selection)

This feature is a bit of an odd one but definitely works well to incorporate the concept of Dragon Balls into the game. What still remains to be seen is whether or not the feature can be turned off for competitive or tournament play. For those wanting to participate in legitimate tournaments, the idea that players can simply gain all of their health back or revive a teammate probably doesn’t sit well.

Along with the information on the Dragon Balls, Bandai Namco also released a new trailer once the stream ended, showing off new footage of the game’s Story Mode. In the trailer (below), Android 21 is revealed as the game’s antagonist and shows off some more fighting action between characters.

Dragon Ball FighterZ releases on January 26.

[Source: Shoryuken]