Dragon Ball Xenoverse Series Passes 8 Million Copies Sold

The Dragon Ball Xenoverse series has hit a big milestone! Copies sold of Xenoverse 1 and have passed 8 million copies combined, which is quite the achievement for the fighting series. In celebration, Bandai Namco is giving out TP as a login bonus for the next two weeks.

Twitter user Burcol is the one that translated the Japanese Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 website, revealing this information:

The login celebration provides 40TP for logging in each day, totaling 800TP if you log in every day. The promotion runs from November 2 to November 15.

How did the Xenoverse series sell so many copies? It’s not just the Dragon Ball name! Read out Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 review:

As mentioned before, Xenoverse 2 revisits the concept of a custom DBZ-styled player character joining the Time Patrol and fixing anomalies in the DBZ storyline. This time, though, Xenoverse antagonists are trying to rewrite the timelines of DBZ by dropping in additional villains to the frays or flat out assisting the villains already in the fight. While DBZ fans of Budokai or Xenoverse have undoubtedly played these key story battles numerous times, these time-traveling villains provide a fresh twist on the stories we all know so well. Not all of these time travelers are just from the TV show either; famous movie characters, such as Lord Slug and Broly, will drop in to wreak random havoc on the time lines. Most of the time, it’s rather amusing to watch these “what if?” scenarios, and it does break up playing the same stale fights we’ve played time and time again, even if it does introduce new techniques and prettier visuals.

Will you be logging in and collecting some TP?

[Source: Twitter]