New Heroes, Maps, and More Coming to For Honor Season Four

Ubisoft announced today that For Honor Season Four will launch across all available platforms on November 14. Order & Havoc – the title for the fourth season – brings with it a ton of new, free content to For Honor including a brand-new 4v4 Tribute mode, two new heroes, two maps, and a slew of other stuff.

The new Tribute mode that launches with Season Four allows players to fight for control of three offerings scattered throughout the map. Once an offering is presented, shrine grants each team unique buffs that force players to make various decisions as they fight. For more information on Season Four, including a brief snippet on the new heroes coming to the game, make sure to check out below:

New Maps and New Heroes

Two new maps, Market Town and The Gauntlet, enter into the fold. With the addition of two new dangerous warriors, each faction now boasts a full roster of six unique heroes:

  • Aramusha (Samurai Hybrid) – Wielding dual katanas, the Aramusha use their blades for both offense and defense. Navigating the battlefield carefully, they are capable of dodging and attacking quickly. The Aramusha capitalize on the mistakes of their opponents and punish them with a never ending flow of fast attacks in every direction.
  • Shaman (Viking Assassin) – Equipped with a hatchet and a dagger, Shamans utilize these two different weapons with quick and deadly precision. They are fierce and aggressive warriors who are strongest when on the offensive. Pouncing on their opponents like wild beasts, Shamans become more deadly as their opponents bleed out onto the battlefield.

For Honor is available now.