Zeydra Confirmed as New Gundam Versus DLC

Bandai Namco has confirmed yet another DLC mobile suit addition to Gundam Versus, the Gundam team battle action game which has been released worldwide for PlayStation 4. This time it’s the Zeydra, which is one of the antagonist’s mobile suits from Mobile Suit Gundam AGE.

The xvm-zgc Zeydra appeared in the second part of Gundam AGE as a new mobile suit for Zeheart Galette to replace his Zedas R. The overall performance of this mobile suit is much better that it allowed Zeheart to keep up with the protagonist Asemu Asuno’s Gundam AGE-2.

In Gundam Versus, Zeheart Galette’s Zeydra will have an in-game cost of 400. It will have the Zeydra Gun as its primary ranged weapon, which can be charged for a higher output shot. Its primary melee weapon will be the Beam Saber, while the special melee command will let Zeheart unleash his X-Rounder ability. Finally, the Zeydra can launch a Meteor Kick as its Burst Attack.

New supporting Striker units from Gundam AGE‘s Vagan faction will be also unlockable by progressing through Zeydra’s development tree, which are Zedas R, Zeheart’s first mobile suit, Zedas M, a variation of Zedas R used by Vagan’s Magicians 8 corps, and Khronos, the mobile suit piloted by Zeheart’s brother Desil Galette.

The news source Ryokutya did not specify when the Zeydra DLC for Gundam Versus will be released. However, looking at past patterns, it is highly probable that it could be out at around the same time as Atlas Gundam from Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt, which is going to be released in late November.

[Source: Ryokutya]