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Hitman TV Series from the Creator of John Wick in the Works

Various video game properties have been getting high quality movie and television adaptions, and Hitman is the next series on the list. Fox 21 will being teaming up with Hulu to create a Hitman TV series. Additionally, the pilot script has been written by Derek Kolstead, the creator of the John Wick action series. Will this TV series be the same sort of spectacle as Kolstead’s movies?

Deadline Hollywood Hulu is hoping that Hitman will become one of their flagship series for the service, and it’s quite possible considering the line-up working on the series! Kolstead will be one of the executive producers, along with Adrian Askarieh and Chuck Gordon. Since the project is being looked over with both Fox 21 and Hulu, we’ll have Bert Salke, Jane Francis, Gloria Fan and Kira Innes with Fox 21 and Jordan Helman with Hulu also working on Hitman.

Hitman recently got a new game, and IO Interactive did a gerat job! Read up on out Hitman review:

Hitman shines in giving the player numerous choices when the time comes to deal out death. Perhaps describing what happened to me simply in the game’s prologue will suffice. One of the game’s first training missions asked me to infiltrate a yacht during a party, and kill a target. In front of my spawn location was a crate, upon which sat several items. I picked them all up — some remote explosives, a few coins, etc. About 50 feet ahead of me, a gentleman looking rather dapper in a light-colored business suit was waiting in front of the main ramp to get aboard the yacht. I was previously informed that this was the man who was supposed to meet my target. So, the thought occurred that I should take this man’s outfit, and attempt to pass as him so that I could get up close and personal with the target. My unrealistic solution? Place my remote explosives behind him, and detonate them once I’m safely off in the distance and away from prying eyes. Then, I thought, I’ll just come back to the scene of the crime, steal the now dead man’s suit, and walk right into the yacht, hidden in plain sight.

There’s no set timeline for the Hitman TV series to release. Will you watch when it releases?

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