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Dragon Ball, Metal Gear Solid Voice Actress Hiromi Tsuru Passes Away

It is with great regret that we share news of the passing of Japanese voice actress Hiromi Tsuru, best known for her role as Bulma in Dragon Ball.

Tsuru was initially found unconscious by police in her car along Tokyo’s Shuto Expressway. According to Kotaku and Japan Today, the car’s hazard lights were on and she was still wearing her seat belt. However, no foul play was suspected as there were no signs of external injuries or a collision, and traffic camera footage suggested that the car came to a gradual stop at the center.

According to Tsuru’s talent agency, Aoni Production, the hospital pronounced her dead upon arrival and reported an aortic dissection as the cause of death. She was 57.

Alongside Dragon Ball, the anime voice actress worked on a number of video games including Metal Gear Solid (Dr. Naomi Hunter) and Tekken (Julia Chang). Recently, she performed the role of Reina in Yakuza 0. Other titles under Tsuru’s belt include Ghost in the Shell and Super Robot Wars Z. She had been voice acting since the age of 12, and was the voice of Bulma for more than 30 years.

Our thoughts go out to Tsuru’s family, friends, and coworkers during this difficult time.

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