Marvel Heroes Players Demanding Refunds Following Announcement of Closure

Following Disney’s recent announcement that it’s severing ties with Gazillion Entertainment and shutting down Marvel Heroes, players who have recently purchased the game and invested in its in-game items are demanding refunds.

Originally released in 2013, Marvel Heroes was ported over to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One just this year. While it’s a free-to-play game, additional characters cost $5 each (or $20 in packs). You can also purchase numerous other add-ons.

Kotaku reports that the /r/MarvelHeroes subreddit is full of complaints from players who have been unable to secure refunds, or are inquiring about them. A few Xbox players have successfully received refunds for purchases made in the last month or so, but majority of players have failed in their attempts to do so.

One such player, EITTurtle, bought the game on Xbox in July and told Kotaku that he’s spent $400 on in-game items. When he contacted Xbox Support for a refund, he was told that Gazillion has yet to officially announce how it’s going to handle the game’s closure.

Sony’s customer support has made similar statements on the matter so it seems that it’s all down to Gazillion and Marvel now. Both companies have yet to return requests for comments.

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[Source: Reddit via Kotaku]