Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Disc Install Errors

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Disc Install Errors Cause Misery for Players

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 launched today on PS5, but disc install errors have left some unlucky players unable to play. The disc installation appears to get stuck in exactly the same place, and a variety of potential workarounds have not yet resulted in a solution for the issue.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 disc install stops at 36%

Several players on Reddit and ResetEra have reported their disc installations getting stuck at 36%. The PS5 disc drive then stops trying to read the disc and the console displays a disc error.

A variety of workarounds have been attempted, but have not managed to avoid the issue. These include deleting and reinstalling, clearing the system cache, rebuilding the database, installing the game while offline, and installing the disc and day-one update separately. Some have even tried installing the game on a different console, while one unlucky player swapped his disc before finding out he had exactly the same problem with the second one.

ResetEra member Raxious reports that his local store has been told Sony is aware of the problem, and a patch is due to be released over the weekend. Neither Insomniac Games nor Sony has made an official comment on the issue. It remains to be seen whether that report is true — and whether a patch will actually be released.

Those who purchased the game digitally have not reported any problems with their Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 installs or preloads. The digital version also includes the large day-one update that added more accessibility options and improved the opening sequences of the game.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has impressed critics and accumulated a 91% Metacritic score with more than 130 reviews. It remains to be seen whether these issues will affect the overall player rating. User scores are currently not available as players are unable to leave reviews until 12:00pm PST on Oct 21 as a measure to prevent review bombing.