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CheckPoint Announces its New Gamer Community, GamerMates

The non-profit organization CheckPoint, a group focused on tackling mental health issues with “the power of video games”, has launched a new project to further their goals. The GamerMates community is a pro-mental health community to get gamers together to play together and support each other. With how toxic the gaming community and online multiplayer can be, this is a big step in making the gaming community an more positive place.

CheckPoint has more on the GamerMates community:

Non-profit organisation CheckPoint has revamped its website to include heaps of new features that make it the perfect hub world to learn about mental health, level up your well-being and buff your resilience.

Their new community, GamerMates, makes it super easy to find like-minded people (your gamermates!) with whom you can play your favourite video games. You can find local folk, or someone on the other side of the world. Play anything from Overwatch to Animal Crossing, it’s your choice.

The introduced membership system (starting at the bargain discount price of absolutely free), gives users access to a pro-mental health gaming community, achievements and badges, online courses, giveaways, meet ups…and of course, all of the mental health education and resources you can rely on CheckPoint for.

CheckPoint also has answers to some of the more difficult questions, considering the nature of the community:

What Does Pro-Mental Health Mean?

It means you understand that everybody has mental health, that everybody has strengths, and vulnerabilities, and you respect and support that. It means you are interested in improving your own wellbeing, and helping others, by being part of a supportive community here at CheckPoint. This is designed to be a group of people who all benefit emotionally and socially through the power of games – and one another.

What If Someone Says Something I Don’t Like?

Please end the game session and discuss this with a mod as soon as possible. Remember to include the person’s CheckPoint username.

You can check out the GamerMates community and sign up right now! Additionally, you can check out CheckPoint and see what the group is about.

Will you be a part of the GamerMates community?

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