Free Arizona Sunshine DLC Will Add Two New Maps

Good news for PlayStation VR owners with an itch to kill some zombies. Jaywalkers Interactive and Vertigo Games announced that free Arizona Sunshine DLC is on the way. Two new maps, “Old Mine” and “Undead Valley,” will be added to the game’s four-player cooperative Horde mode. These maps are both larger than the previous map and “allow for a more dynamic play style.”

Here’s how Jaywalkers Interactive and Vertigo Games describe the two upcoming free Arizona Sunshine DLC maps:

Set in the depths of the “Old Mine”, the first map has players start out with only one flashlight and think tactically to both defend their hideout and take chances on vital supply runs in an utterly dark map, encouraging team play.

The second map, “Undead Valley”, is set in an old, zombie-infested warehouse-turned-underground casino, close to Las Vegas. In this dynamic map players stay ahead of the horde by gradually expanding their play area, unlocking new areas, and finding new weapons, ammo and tactical positions as they go.

For even more on the PlayStation VR first-person shooter, check out our Arizona Sunshine review. Here’s what Chandler Wood had to say about the title at the time of release:

Arizona Sunshine is a good game, but doesn’t hit the great status it could have had by being an earlier PSVR release. I have to commend the developers for putting a lot of hard work into making every control scheme feel good. It’s nice to not feel like you have to own an extra peripheral to play, but to be rewarded if you do. I was surprised that many of the complaints players had with the original PC versions weren’t addressed in this release, but I still had a lot of fun shooting zombies in virtual reality while listening to a nuanced narrative of a survivor fighting to maintain his sanity as the Arizona sun sets on the horizon.

Arizona Sunshine is available now.