Sonic Forces Gets Free Sanic Meme DLC T-Shirt

In line with a recent leak, Sonic Team and Sega have released the “Sanic” t-shirt as free DLC for Sonic Forces. The meme, which shows an MS Paint rendition of Sonic, was popularized by a YouTube video that has since been taken down.

Sonic Forces allows players to create their own custom hero so you can adorn your character with the lovely t-shirt right away!

Haven’t bought the game yet? Make sure to read our review. PlayStation LifeStyle’s Tyler Treese writes:

There’s a moment early on in Sonic Forces where Sonic says that it’s “not time for thinking. It’s time for running.” Not only does he perfectly describe his series’ design philosophy, he also sets the blueprint for who will enjoy this game. If you’re willing to turn your brain off for a few hours, and just take in the pure spectacle that is watching hundreds of Sonic characters fighting on a battlefield during a cutscene, then you’ll find a lot to enjoy here. It’s a really dumb game at its core, but it’s also just pure fun in a well-meaning, lighthearted package.

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