Let It Die and World of Tanks Collaboration Starts This Week

The Let It Die and World of Tanks collaboration is starting later this week on November 30, and both games will be getting some new items! World of Tanks will be getting some Premium Skill Decals, while Let It Die will get a special armor set that is modeled after a tank. Yes, you read that right. The collaboration runs until January 11, so you have over a month to get these new items.

The PlayStation.Blog provides more details on the new items. Here’s what is coming in the Let It Die update:

[W]e will have a special collab armor for direct sale on the PlayStation Store. This armor is based off the design of one of the most popular tanks in World of Tanks, the T-34/76. It can even be upgraded to the mighty “4th Tier.” In addition to these store elements, there will be special decorations available for your Waiting Room, limited themed quests, and special equipment that may be obtained by defeating WARDOGS in the Tower of Barbs. The WARDOGS will be equipped with special design variants of War Ensemble equipment inspired by themes found in World of Tanks.

Closer toward the apex of the holiday season, we will have a very special bonus for players. We’ll be sending out a powerful pair of shades modeled after those belonging to everyone’s favorite mascot, Uncle Death! Extremely durable, these special specs will give a decent boost in defense and an incredible boost in stamina!

If you’re wondering what exactly you’ll get in World of Tanks, be sure to check out the PlayStation.Blog post!

The Let It Die and World of Tanks update runs from November 30 to January 11.

[Source: PlayStation.Blog]