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Quirky RPG The Longest Five Minutes Releases Next Year on Vita

Nippon Ichi has announced the North American and European release dates for the RPG The Longest Five Minutes. In North America, the title will launch on February 13 on PlayStation Vita and Nintendo Switch. in Europe, the game will launch on those system February 16. Finally, The Longest Five Minutes will release worldwide on PC February 13.

Check out The Longest Five Minutes’ System trailer, to learn more about the game’s mechanics:

Nippon Ichi also has a story and mechanics synopsis:

Our hero faces the origin of all evil, the Overlord himself, but suddenly loses all memories of his adventure.

His finishing moves, the name of his hometown, and even the reason he’s trying to defeat the Overlord in the first place, all gone. Our hero feels as though he’s letting his allies down…

In the midst of battle, his allies’ words and the Overlord’s taunting triggers flashbacks, bringing his memories back piece by piece. Our hero tries to regain his priceless memories before it’s too late, but the Overlord stands before him, his power unyielding!

What can happen in The Longest Five Minutes!?

Key Features:

Who am I? – Relive your memories and journey with your friends through a nostalgic RPG world!

Reexperience Your Past! – Remember your signature move? Know that spell? Flashback has a unique power: Reexperience! Gain reexperience points the more memories you visit. Now, face the Demon King!

Let’s Take a Break! – Choose from three mini-games: Super Chain Reaction, Haunted Run, or Slot Machine to get more reexperience points!

The Longest Five Minutes releases February 2018 on Vita, Nintendo Switch, and PC in North America and Europe.