Destiny 2 Xur Location and Inventory Guide for Dec 8-11, 2017, Prometheus Lens Available for Everyone

It’s Friday, which means that it’s time for our Destiny 2 Xur location and inventory guide. Unlike Destiny 1, where Xur was always present in a social space, the mysterious vendor can now be found out in the exploration zones. His currency is Legendary Shards, which can be obtained by breaking down legendary and exotic gear. Xur now stays from reset Friday morning until the weekly reset on Tuesday, so no more worrying about getting to him within a 48 hour window. All Xur gear drops at a 305 Power level (including the +5 Legendary mod).

This week, Xur is in the EDZ. Fast travel to Winding Cove and head straight up the canyon once you spawn in. Xur is on a ledge overlooking the area. You can mark his location on your map. This week, Xur is selling the Prometheus Lens Trace Rifle for 29 shards. The Dragon’s Shadow Hunter chest armor is available for 23 shards. You can get the Mk.44 Stand Asides Titan Boots for 23 shards. And finally, the Nezarec’s Sin Warlock helmet for 23 shards.

(Author’s Note: I’m away at PSX this weekend, so no screenshots this week. Screen grabs of Xur’s location and inventory will return next Friday.)

The Prometheus Lens trace rifle is basically a gift from Bungie. It is currently a broken weapon, allowing for near instant kills in Crucible. Instead of canceling Trials of the Nine this weekend, they are allowing everyone the option to purchase it so that Trials can be more fair. The gun will be fixed next week, so it won’t be nearly as good. We have no idea if it will still be a viable weapon after Tuesday’s patch, but at least have fun with it this weekend. Note that the Prometheus Lens is not locked behind the Curse of Osiris DLC. Anyone can buy and use it!

Dragon’s Shadow gives Hunters increased movement speed and weapon handling for nine seconds after dodging. Perks that add to the viability of the Hunter dodge are great for improving an ability that has relatively little use for the rest of the team. Unfortunately, using this takes up your exotic slot and you can’t use anything else. If you’re a hunter that plays fast-paced and is always moving around, this is the exotic piece you’ll want to be wearing.

Mk.44 Stand Asides give Titans an overshield when they are running while their shoulder charge melee is active. These are great boots for Titans who like to charge into the fray, and shouldn’t be missed if you love to shoulder charge into groups of enemies. The boots will ensure that you live just long enough so that your shoulder charge of whatever element you are using connects with the enemy’s face.

Nezarec’s Sin is an amazing helmet for void/devour Warlocks. Any void-damage kills–including those from void weapons–will increase the ability energy recharge rate. Combine this with the devour skill tree and you’ll be refilling grenades, melees, and rifts, all while regenerating your health. Especially useful if Nightfall modifiers increase ability recharge too.

Last week, Bungie detailed some major changes coming to Destiny 2’s economy to make the endgame feel more rewarding. With Curse of Osiris now out, half of those announced changes are in the game. After December 12, Xur will be changing, offering some additional items for sale. We’ve also got a series of Destiny 2 guides, including an endgame guide for after the campaign, a step-by-step Raid guide, and a guide on how to trigger all heroic public events, including the new one on Mercury.

Which items are you picking up from Xur this week?