Josef Fares Reminds Players Only One Copy of A Way Out is Needed For Co-Op

Last week we discussed how Josef Fares, fresh off his ridiculous Games Award moment, was announcing that his upcoming game A Way Out featured online cooperative play, and players only needed one copy to make the game work. Since then, he’s taken to Twitter to remind people in the only way Josef Fares can.

Of course, Fares uses some colorful language in the tweet, but his message is still pretty clear: you only need one copy of A Way Out to enjoy it with a friend. For those who don’t know, A Way Out is the follow up to Fares’ Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, and tells the story of two people trying to break out of jail. What makes A Way Out so special, though, is that it’s meant to be played cooperatively, whether online or locally. The game is constantly in split-screen mode, and players must make choices together as the game progresses.

Speaking to the PlayStation Blog, Fares confirmed that both players don’t need to own the game in order to experience it. “Basically, if you buy the game, your friend downloads the friends pass free trial, and then you invite him to play the full game with you for free.” said Fares. “ And yes, I mean for free for real.” Fares went on to say that the reason for creating the game was simply due to his friends wanting a co-op game that didn’t feature drop-in/drop-out experiences.

“We wanted a game with a strong story where the characters have unique personalities and goals.” he said. “ After searching and searching, we couldn’t find a game where players can seamlessly experience full screen to cinematic split-screen. So we decided to make one!”

A Way Out is set to launch on March 23, 2018.

[Source: PlayStation Blog, Twitter]