Hitman Paris Episode Free for a Limited Time as Part of the Hitman Holiday Pack

December 14, 2017Written by Tyler Treese

Hitman Paris Free

IO Interactive is releasing the Hitman Holiday Pack as a gift to players. The pack will be available starting tomorrow, December 15, for absolutely free on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It’ll give players not only the prologue, but also the game’s first episode, Paris, for free. It also includes the game’s first festive event called Holiday Hoarders, where players “try and find Santa as he drops gifts around the stylishly re-decorated Palais de Walewska in Paris and try to stop the two thieves who are following his trail stealing all the gifts and leaving the taps running.”

IO Interactive says they’re giving this away to fans for free as a gift, and that they hope players will “do your bit this holiday season whatever you can do from giving money to a charity or offering your time to someone who needs it.”

For more on the stealth title, check out our Hitman review. Here’s what Paulmichael Contreras had to say about the title:

Hitman shines in giving the player numerous choices when the time comes to deal out death. Perhaps describing what happened to me simply in the game’s prologue will suffice. One of the game’s first training missions asked me to infiltrate a yacht during a party, and kill a target. In front of my spawn location was a crate, upon which sat several items. I picked them all up — some remote explosives, a few coins, etc. About 50 feet ahead of me, a gentleman looking rather dapper in a light-colored business suit was waiting in front of the main ramp to get aboard the yacht. I was previously informed that this was the man who was supposed to meet my target. So, the thought occurred that I should take this man’s outfit, and attempt to pass as him so that I could get up close and personal with the target. My unrealistic solution? Place my remote explosives behind him, and detonate them once I’m safely off in the distance and away from prying eyes. Then, I thought, I’ll just come back to the scene of the crime, steal the now dead man’s suit, and walk right into the yacht, hidden in plain sight.

Things rarely go to plan, and they certainly didn’t in this instance, either. I was able to place the remote explosives just fine. I walked across the street, and into a nearby building. There was a port worker, whom I knocked out and took his outfit from, placing his body in a nearby bathroom. Since the bathroom was a good distance away from where I had placed the explosives, I detonated them right then and there. I heard a loud bang, and a few people scream. I casually made my way out of the bathroom, and saw panicked security guards…carrying the body of the man I just killed inside the yacht! After waiting a few minutes for the scene to die down, I was able to walk into the crew deck of the yacht — I was still in disguise, and no one had seen me near the explosion, so I still had that working for me. Next, I worked my way down a few hallways, where I found a security outfit. After taking down the lone security guard in this area of the yacht, I was free to explore a little bit. In short order I found the man that I had killed earlier, and was able to take his suit. It fit like a glove! The rest of this mission was then a breeze: walk onto the yacht, up to the target’s level, walk with him into his private office, execute, and flee the scene before any of the partygoers even knew anything was wrong.

The Hitman Paris free episode is available starting December 15.