Secret Code in Fall of Osiris Destiny Webcomic Unlocks an Emblem in Destiny 2

Bungie has been known to hide a lot of secrets in their games. Destiny in particular has always been full of secret quests, missions, and details that keep players and the community poring over everything that they release, down to the day-to-day minutia of Bungie employees lives on Twitter. Whether it’s on the scope of an insane quest for an exotic gun (that required knowledge of binary and the entire community coming together to solve a big mystery outside of the game) or smaller things like details peppered into their worlds, Bungie certainly knows how to create conversation and keep players engaged.

The latest secret can be found in the Fall of Osiris Destiny webcomic that released today for free on Bungie’s site. On the last page of the comic, there is a line of seemingly random or artistic dots and dashes that the community quickly figured out was not random. The string of symbols is morse code, and decrypts to xfvkhpn97. While that may seem to be a random bit of gibberish, nine characters is what Bungie uses on their site to redeem codes for in-game items. It turns out that entering that code on will get you an emblem in Destiny 2 called “The Visionary.”

Destiny 2 the Visionary Emblem

The painfully bright yellow emblem, The Visionary, obtained by redeeming the Fall of Osiris webcomic code.

Here is a closer look at the detailed pattern on the emblem.

It’s fun to see Bungie continuing to add secret things to their media and games, and though the community may be quick to pick up on these things, it keeps the fans engaged. Don’t forget that The Dawning is scheduled to start tomorrow in Destiny 2, and will likely bring more secrets along with it for the Destiny community to discover.

Credit to Reddit users msobs13 and Mblim771_Kyle for the emblem images, and ThewdsFTW and Thesailejamta for noticing and translating the Morse code in the comic.

[Source: Reddit]