First Details of Remake Catherine: Full Body Released

Atlus has released a bunch of information on Catherine: Full Body, the PlayStation 4 and Vita remake of the last-gen puzzle title. Gematsu has reported more information on Rin, updates to the puzzle gameplay, and plenty more. Catherine: Full Body is set to release next winter in Japan.

First, read up more on Rin, the new “Catherine” introduced in Full Body:

A pianist recently hired by the bar Stray Sheep. She has an extremely straightforward and gentle personality. The occasional glimpse of her behavior gives off the impression she is considerably lacking in common sense.

Other than her moniker, “Rin,” her age and real name are unknown, and her beautiful face and mysteriousness attracts the attention of those around her. (Rin, however, is unaware of this herself.)

She supports Vincent, who is taunted by his nightmares, and becomes a healing presence that exemplifies new values.

Atlus also notes that they’ll be making changes to the gameplay in Full Body. The original Catherine was difficult for some people to finish, so these changes will hopefully allow players of all skill levels to complete the game:

In Catherine: Full Body, functionality related to improving playability has been drastically enhanced to allow anyone to play Catherine until the end. Through groundbreaking systems unheard of in a puzzle action game, anyone will be able to enjoy the game from start to finish.

And through convincing feedback, the two-times more delicious definitive edition of Catherine will also offer new experiences to fans of frequently dying in video games. And even to players who played the original version of Catherine, players who are good at puzzles and action, and players who are not good at puzzles. With drastically improved playability, Catherine: Full Body is the definitive edition of Catherine in every way possible.

There’s a lot more to read up on at the Gematsu page!

Catherine: Full Body will release next Winter on PlayStation 4 and Vita in Japan. There is currently no confirmation on a Western release yet.

[Source: Gematsu]